Tuesday, July 21, 2009

the man... the myth... the o.c. legend...

when i love something i really love it... and i really love all of jeff armstrong's art! jeff is straight out of the o.c. with the edginess that i love seeing from artists out of san francisco. my all time favorite piece of jeff's art is the half face called "chloroform." it is a 2' x 4' and i want to hang it in my apartment. i have often threatened to chloroform jeff in order to get it out of his house and into my hands.

my point is jeff needs an art show... have a hair salon with empty walls? bar that needs some new patrons?? perhaps you are stone brewery (an amazing brewery out of encinidas,california visit their website here - www.stonebrew.com) and since jeff loves you, you could love jeff and his art!

contact jeff armstong

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