Wednesday, December 16, 2009

a daily reminder of how music inspires our lives

more about Iron and Wine "Boy With A Coin", posted with vodpod
Two reasons I love this song: {1} the video itself. Let's be honest with ourselves, we could use a lot more music videos in our lives and a lot less reality shows. I feel like MTV has transformed itself into sad place for music, since music doesn't really live there anymore. Back to my point about the video... the women in this video have a strong, powerful look about them which when combined with the soft tone of the song and their flowing outfits, just makes for a great visual. {2} This song is so incredibly beautiful it is hard to stop listening to it. I first saw Iron and Wine 2 years ago at the Blue Grass Festival in San Francisco and they made me a believer with only one stroke on the guitar.
That was today's MUSIC MINUTE and I will be working on my musical dissection techniques as the weeks rolls on. If you have any suggestions for the music minute please do not hesitate to pass them along to me!
And as always, Enjoy.

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