Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Photo courtesy of bhphoto.com

And this little guy is what has stolen my heart. I originally saw this beauty onhollymaus.blogspot.com and instantly went on a hunt for my very own! After a little hinting to the boyfriend of what I wanted for Christmas (email telling exactly what I wanted and where to get it)... it arrived only days ago and is already in my possession and making my free time fun!

Photo courtesy of hollymaus.blogspot.com

One thing that is very different about this camera... it is not digital. You cannot look at the picture and delete it if it is not what you expected, but that is the great part about this camera too. The film is slightly expensive (around $.75 per picture), but for me the instant gratification and tiny prints that are developed right before my eyes is worth every penny. I have already taken pictures of my shoes and added it on to the corresponding shoe boxes and have my wheels turning about an upcoming craft project.

I would say for anyone who remembers and enjoyed the Polaroid experience and also loves small things, because let's be honest tiny things are adorable, buy this camera. You can buy it at bhphoto.com or on ebay it ranges from $84.90 - $95 (film not included).

As the craft project develops I will post step by step instructions and pricing details. Now it is time to go and Fuji Instax my day away!

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